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2017 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Ranks #1 Fourth Year in a Row

Nathan Deal has proven to be one of the most profitable governors of the state of Georgia, helping to bring more than $6.3 million of new business investment and more than 30,000 new jobs to our state, during the fiscal year ended June 30th, and cementing the Peach State's name on top of the list of "States for doing business" for the 4th year in a row.

This is great news for housing, and real estate, in general, as more jobs means more confidence, which results in more real estate transactions. Industry forecasters predict that, due to limited inventory and high demand, Atlanta real estate market will remain competitive over the next year.

As more job seekers move into Atlanta, they look for homes to live. However, limited inventory is forcing these potential buyers to rent, pushing rental prices to an all time high.

Nevertheless, although the Atlanta real estate market is predicted to cool off in 2018; the trend, as of now, is showing a steady growing trend for the near future.

S Robert Masoudpour

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