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I recently engaged Robert Masoudpour as my realtor to help me sell my house in Kennesaw. My house went on the market just before Thanksgiving, a tough time to sell with most folks busy getting ready for the holidays. Nevertheless, Robert assured me that he would sell my house quickly, and he did! I closed today--just two months after listing!


Through the entire process he has been very professional and efficient, guiding me through each choice or decision I had to make. I admit that there were a few times I was a cranky old lady, but he never lost patience with me and never stopped smiling. He sent me reminders to be sure I completed all steps required for the sale on time. He answered all my questions, even late at night and on the weekends. He offered suggestions about pricing and staging and repairs, but encouraged me to make the decisions that I was comfortable with. 


Overall Robert treated me respectfully and very kindly, never patronizing me. And he kept his word: he sold my house! He's a good realtor and a good man!  Susan P.